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Meet and keep great stamping friends as you receive attentive assistance, assist others, discuss all kinds of subjects, enjoy swaps, contests, challenges and even have your own stamp art gallery.

It's our way of paying back a bit of the good we've received generously from many over a 27 year period! We are often told there is just no club like Club Posh.

join club posh

When you join Club Posh, 14 Items are yours to enjoy at no charge:

  1. New stamping friends who will encourage you right from the moment you join.

  2. Moderators and also two assistants to them who promptly answer your stamping questions and a web master who quickly handles your technical challenges. It is so successful that it takes 6 people each working several hours each day to handle the activities.

  3. Continual swaps, contests and fun challenges such as making a card using the color most disliked with only black as the second color. Most chose orange in our first challenge.

  4. Private individual art galleries to display stamping work for every member that wishes one. Work displayed receives abundant compliments from members who have been 100% supportive. Publishers can see the work easily, too.

  5. Frequent polls provided to see what others think or like. They help us give you what you like!

  6. Invitation for members to suggest new Posh products that might be produced.

  7. Advance notice of some sales and/or special offers for club members..

  8. Opportunity for each member to send their own or others' stamped art as e-cards.

  9. Opportunity for members to send birthday and friendship greetings with e-cards, to members who've chosen to list their month and day of birth. Please list yours. The year is optional.

  10. Short video segments on the Posh Impressions web site of Dee Gruenig teaching new projects and methods (planned)

  11. Every member is treated with dignity by other members. They do fabulously nice things for each other and for people in need or beyond the club such as cards and telephone cards for soldiers.

  12. Complete privacy assured. Some members provide only a user name and a password and others choose to give more information. Club Posh asks only how members have heard of the club. We do recommend giving the day and month of birth so that members can send birthday congratulations. The club and Posh Impressions never share any personal information or e-mail addresses with anyone for any reason. Our one request is that the club is used and enjoyed. You can sit on the sidelines for awhile, but as soon as possible, jump into the fun.

  13. There is no charge for anything. It's just the way Dee and Warren Gruenig wish to thank stampers and stamping for support, benefits and blessings received during 28 years in the business since 1979.

  14. In 10 years, making Club Posh one of the oldest on-line stamp clubs, over 9,000 members have chosen to become members. It became so huge to moderate and so busy that over the years we had to eliminate all members who had not logged in during a two year period. There are still plenty of enthusiastic stampers for you to partner with and you are invited to join the fun and make lasting friends. Note that the look of the actual club has been changed and updated. Shown is its original look.

For tech help please e-mail For other help, e-mail any of the moderators.